Healthy and very delicious!

 About our sour, pickled and soused fruit and vegetables (Fermented Food) know all the guests, and now you can order and take them home! Unlike store pickles, macrobiotic pickles are prepared with the help of lacto-fermentation process, often used in the pre-industrial era. This method is based on the formation of lactic acid during fermentation of natural preservative - lactic acid. Made with love for Ukraine.

About restaurant

Intelectual interpretation of local products and dishes from the copyright of Viktoria Parhomenko. Local products and food on a geographical basis is entering an era of prosperity and universal love. In a broader sense lokavory prefer local produce grown within a regional band, or even an entire country. In our case - it is Ukraine!

Klukva & Brukva - first in Ukraine locavore restaurant, that is a restaurant that works only on the local product.  We smoke meat, fish and Black Sea mussels, cook pancakes in the oven and roast, bake bread and cakes. We have our own tea and lemonade from parsley, juniper water and branded liqueurs, jam and crafting beer. We have our own plates, created in conjunction with the Ukrainian ceramists. Permanent exhibitions of Ukrainian contemporary art.

Every detail, including the interior, the menu, the dishes and all the decorative elements, were developed and matched by restaurateur and culinary expert - Viktoria Parhomenko.

Locavore basis - seasonality, which means not just regular updates to the menu in the spring or autumn, and following the natural cycle of nature. That is, the season and the hash friedge in Klukva & Brukva begins as soon as sorrel, nettles and other herbs, greens appear in the fields.

"Locavore" means using purely local products, but it is only a strict limit, which imposes on the institution's concept of the cuisine. "Local food", "local food movement" or the "Locavores" are a movement which aim to connect food producers and food consumers in the same geographic region; in order to develop more self-reliant and resilient food networks, improve local economies, or for health, environmental, community, or social impact in a particular place.

Viktoria Parhomenko - gastroexpert

Since 2009, the hostess and project director of "GastroSreda" and "GastroTip", a person who helps to open restaurants, comes up with new concepts,  menu, foodevents, conducts individual master classes, lectures and seminars, tastings. GastroConsulting agency opened by Viktoria works since 2010. Viktoria gives lectures, master classes, teaches HoReCa professionals throughout Ukraine, conducts culinary school of Asian food for Europeans in Bangkok. 2011 - the gastroexpert of company METRO Cash & Carry. 2012 - the creator of menu and consulting for 3 restaurants in Baku, the hostes of "Gourmet" video blog for the Coca-Cola Company. 2013 - the creator of Asian food delivery Wok2Go, Slavic menu for "Pace". 2014 - invent the kitchen of the restaurant "Engineer", for Best catering Event, design a special menu for the "Belvedere" (Kyiv) and "Zlachnoe" (Odessa), the menu for the net of Asian restaurants across Ukraine.

In October 2014 Viktoria Parhomenko opened her restaurant "Klukva & Brukva". Prepare the opening of a new food delivery in Odessa, confectionery, coffee shop, Italian restaurant Particella and Spanish tapas bar La Vaca. Ukrainian GastroTour program in Kiev, established at the request of the Kiev mayor's office. Creates a gastronomic menu for a balanced delivery Eat Easy.

"We must not forget that "to eat" means to live, to love, to think, to create; and the quality of your food depends on the quality of your life"


Kyiv, Antonovycha (Gorkogo) street, 16
Phone: +38 (096) 500-50-97
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